Crow Ceiling Wireless Detector


Easily installed on any ceiling our detectors deliver industry-leading performance sensitivity and long-term reliability to protect offices or large warehouses with high rejection of false alarms and excellent detection and coverage capability. The SRX-360 ceiling detector is designed with Dual Technology PIR & MW. The SRX-360 also uses an optional pointable Fresnel lens to provide up to 8m of height coverage. Dual Technology PIR & MW Detection. Microwave detection based on Doppler concept. AND & OR alarm signal selection. 2-way Microwave sensitivity adjustment. 2-way PIR sensitivity adjustment. 360° / Up to 20m diameter coverage (at 3.6m mount). New optional High Ceiling lens for installation up to 8m. Fully sealed optical chamber. Suited for harsh environments. High RFI and EMI immunity. Rodent Immunity.